Sometimes clients can be misled as to the actual cost of the services they are being offered.

At Carpenter Claydon Advisors, we take a slightly different approach to the standard fee schedule.

We believe that the quality and depth of the services we provide to our clients offer them the best opportunity to ensure their financial future. To that end, we maintain an open and transparent fee only structure that ensures you will always know your costs, and can always be sure that you are getting good value from us.

We have created a client-focused business, where our fees are fee only.

To ensure that our interests remain aligned with our clients, our compensation is not based upon commissions or transactions. Our objective is to always make recommendations solely in the client’s best interest. We are paid only by the client. We do not accept commissions, referral fees, or any other type of third-party compensation. Our engagement may be terminated at any time, and we do not charge a termination fee.

To account for the time and research involved in the planning we provide, our fees may be (or appear to be) slightly higher than firms who do not offer a comparable level of service. In reality there may be reductions in other costs that may offset, or more than offset fees, paid to CCA. Other costs can include commissions, 12b-1 fees, ticket charges, operating expenses and management fees.

At Carpenter Claydon Advisors, we work hard to guide you to the financial future you deserve, and we do it for fair compensation.

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