CCa is an independent fee based advisory firm, taking great pride in empowering our clients with virtually any financial solution.

Your life vision. Our financial focus. Let’s get started today!

The staff at CCa takes pride in its ability to help its clients to develop the best strategy to suit their needs.

CCa has served professionals, entrepreneurs, executives and families in the Central Florida area for over a decade.

Carpenter, Claydon Advisors are your Central Florida Fee Only Financial Planners.

Specializing in Wealth Management and Fiduciary Services.

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Our Services

“We work hard, so you don’t have to”

Wealth Management

We begin a long-term advisory relationship by taking a detailed look at your overall financial situation in order to:

  • Understand your goals
  • Identify opportunities
  • Develop strategies
  • Propose options
  • Analyze investments
  • Evaluate returns
  • Establish ‘best practices’
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Helping our clients stay informed

We have compiled some resources we feel will be helpful to you. We pride ourselves on helping our clients stay as informed as possible so that we can

better assist you in achieving your goals.


Who we are & what we do

Financial Planning 90%
Fiduciary Services 80%
Wealth Management 80%
Fee Only Services 70%

Financial Planning is defined as devising of a program for the allocation and management of finances and capital through budgeting, investment, etc.

Did you know? Wealth management occurs as early as 1933. It is defined as an investment-advisory discipline incorporating financial planning, investment portfolio management and any number of other financial services.

Fiduciary [fi-doo-shee-er-ee] – A person to whom property or power is entrusted for the benefit of another.

CCa provides a combination of investment advisement and fiduciary services:

  • Consult on rules and requirements
  • Analyze and propose suitable asset allocations
  • Help control investment risk
  • Evaluate investment returns
  • Analyze nontraditional investments
  • Institute best practices
  • Help structure and monitor
  • Assist in avoiding common mistakes

Fee only financial planning as defined by Forbes are registered investment advisors with a fiduciary responsibility to act in their clients’ best interest.

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